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“UNIFORM” started with an encounter on a dirty beach, passion for wicked issues - and a dream to redesign uniforms. 

A stray plastic bag brushed against Heron’s arm while swimming in the ocean sparking a realization that he hated litter and wanted to help clean up the environment.  It was this very moment that lead him to the NYC Department of Sanitation to do a collaboration emphasizing sustainability. 

Disenchanted with street wear’s vacant messaging, creating clothing to honor a service-oriented workforce appealed to him.  Heron’s brush with garbage was the breakthrough he needed.  Garbage never goes away, it’s just moved from sight. He vowed to use this talents to protect our environment − and approached DSNY just as it was establishing the Foundation for New York’s Strongest, its new nonprofit organization that’s educating New Yorkers to embrace zero waste and sustainability, highlighting Sanitation Workers’ dignity in keeping our City healthy, safe and clean, and ultimately founding a new DSNY museum.

Justin McNeil.
Manhattan 2.
5 years

Laron Pugh.
Manhattan 5.
4 years

Jerre Gatti.
Bks 13.
22 years

Ricardo Quinones.
Queens East 12.
4 and a half years

Brian James Is.
Manhattan 3A Broom Depot.
1 and a half years

Francisco Velazquez.
Manhattan 4A Broom Depot.
12 years

Madeline Galvan.
BX3A Garage.
2 years on the job

Nicholas Caputo.
Manhattan 4A Broom Depot.
9 and a half years

Harry Ott.
Manhattan 3A Broom Depot.
4 and a half years

Anthony Brunetti.
Manhattan 8, detached to BIT-S.M.A.R.T.
2 and a half years

Lourdes Galvan.
BX 6 A.

Amy Ramos.
Manhattan 1 Garage.
1 year

Jill White.
Queens East Borough Office.
8 years

Eric Morales.
Queens 12 Garage.
10 months on the job

Shauntae Tolbert.
Queens 12 East Garage.
8 months

Michael Squiciari.
Sanitation Worker M2.
30 Years

Heron approached the Department and the creative partnership with the Foundation was forged. Given DSNY’s 0x30 campaign that’s leading New Yorkers to send zero waste to landfills by 2030, sustainability was a natural priority.  Heron developed the collection by handpicking donated clothing and authentic DSNY uniforms, then upcycling the pieces with screen printing and embroidery. An official, unique label was created and sewn  into every garment. Atypical collaborations are Heron’s hallmark, but UNIFORM’s ideology redefines fashion, and brings awareness to DSNY’s service to New York City, without which street culture would not exist. 

UNIFORM launched at the Spring Street Salt Shed in NYC on September 9th, 2016 and had historical significance to the story of the project. The footprint of the salt shed was the birthplace of Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Touch Sanitation performance-art homage to DSNY, where she personally met and shook hands with each of the 8,500 Sanitation Workers on the job, saying, “Thank you for keeping New York City alive.”